Earrings ~ Southwest Find
While visiting the Southwest recently, I went to the Zen Mountain Gallery in Jerome, AZ. I saw your work and felt that it was very spiritual as well as beautiful. I bought a pair of the sunshield earrings. I wear them every day. Thank you for your work.
~B.B., Kansas City, MO

Commission – Engagement Ring
IT’S PERFECT!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thank you, Matagi!!!
~ Claire O., Phoenix, AZ

New Lotus Pendant
Just received this in the mail – it’s even more beautiful than what you see in the photo. I’m sure my Mom will love it. Thanks Matagi (for the speedy delivery and wonderful craftsmanship)! ~ L., Flagstaff, AZ

Commission – Fine Silver Overlay Cuff
Success!!! The bracelet arrived and it is so beautiful. I can’t thank you enough. Well done, sir! ~ P.S., Brooklyn, NY

Magnificent Silversmith
Hello Holly, please tell Matagi Sorensen that we love his work. He is an excellent silversmith and fine art designer. We will be purchasing more from him in the future. Also, thank you for your great communication abilities. Thanks again for the beautiful silver jewelry, ~ David B., American Indian Originals, California