Lotus Flower Pendant

After I made the Om pendants, people began asking me if I could make a lotus flower pendant. I could, and I am happy I did!

This pendant is more dense than the original lotus flower I created. I’ve included several pictures to show the thickness of the piece.

Why not get one for your favorite yogini or flower lover?

Lotus Flower

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Labradorite Crescent Moon

I love working with labradorite. The color of the stone is constantly changing – it actually becomes brighter as less light shines on it.

My partner Holly was telling me as I was making this, that it’s a Goddess-y piece. It reminds her of Isis.

Labradorite Crescent Moon


Silver and Garnet Spiral

Silver and Garnet Spiral

Get centered and rooted. This little pendant will rock your first chakra!

Silver and Garnet Spiral

This item has been sold. Similar items may be made to order.

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Om Pendant


My partner Holly Troy is a yoga teacher. Last year she suggested I design an Om pendant for the Flagstaff Yoga Festival.

I did—and this piece has been a favorite!

Silver Om Pendant

Garnet Full Moon Pendant

Garnet Full Moon Pendant

Garnet is connected to the root chakra (muladhara) and the heart (anahata) chakra. It is known to strengthen the will to survive, remove inhibition, and increase self-confidence.

I love the way the light passes through the stone in this piece—it looks almost like wine.

Garnet Full Moon Pendant
commissioned piece (SOLD) similar pieces can be made

Turquoise Full Moon

Everybody knows that turquoise and silver are a favorite combination in the Southwest. The color reminds me of twilight in the desert.

Turquoise has been known to stimulate the heart, throat, and third eye chakras—dispelling negative energy and stabilizing mood swings. It promotes calm, loving, creative communication.

Hand-carved Silver and Turquoise Full Moon Pendant
commissioned piece (SOLD) – similar pieces can be made

Lapis and Silver Crescent Moon

Lapis and Silver Crescent Moon


Mokume Belt Buckle

Mokume Belt Buckle
Brass, copper, and silver.

Twenty One

Twenty One
black and white intaglio

edition of 10


I named this “Twenty One” because that is the number of etched layers on this plate.

Carnelian and Silver Pendant

Carnelian and Silver Pendant with Hand Woven Silver Chain
Lost Wax Casting, Fabricated Hollow Form.
$250.00 with chain, $200.00 pendant alone