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I'm a rock-n-roller poet who left the Big Apple for the Big Sky Desert where I've been letting it be and grooving with universal love, singing to the gods, dancing with the muses and bicycling with dreamtime messengers. I like altering my reality through imagination, movement, breath, and makin' stuff.

Eiteljorg Indian Market and Festival – Juried Show

I have been invited to represent the Yavapai-Apache Nation at the Eiteljorg Museum next week, on June 22nd and June 23rd, for the 2013 Eiteljorg Indian Market and Festival. The event will feature top Native American artists from around the country.

I will be displaying several new designs at the festival! I’m really happy with these new pieces.

“The Eiteljorg collects and preserves high-quality Western art and Native American art and cultural objects. Its collection includes artists such as T.C. Cannon, N. C. Wyeth, Andy Warhol, Georgia O’Keeffe, Allan Houser, Frederic Remington, Charles Russell and Kay WalkingStick. The institution’s contemporary Native art collection has been ranked among the world’s best.” Continue reading

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Yellow Enamel Bowl Earrings

Yellow Enamel Bowl Earrings

Deep red hand-hammered copper peeks out along the edges of earthy golden yellow enamel in these dangling bowl-shaped earrings. Each earring has its own color and texture variation due to the hand-crafted process.

Lovely natural color – gorgeous!

Earrings are three-quarters inch diameter, by about a quarter inch deep. The wire is sterling silver.
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Red Disc Dangling Earrings

Red Disc Dangling Earrings

Textured red enamel intensely colors hand-hammered copper in these dangling earrings. Each earring has its own variations due to the hand-crafted process.

Vibrant, stunning. Wear when you want a flash of color!

Earrings are one inch diameter. The wire is sterling silver.
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Hand-carved Silver Rings!

Hand-carved Silver Rings!

Thirteen rings off to Madison, Wisconsin. Each ring is one-of-a-kind, has a beveled inner edge for a comfort fit, and each ring is signed.

Katy’s American Indian Arts, 1817 Monroe Street, Madison, Wisconsin, 53711. 608.251.5451.

Matagi Sorensen is a Yavapai-Apache jewelry designer, silversmith, and printmaker. His work is inspired by the natural world, industrial decay, and yoga. Based in Phoenix, Flagstaff, and the Verde Valley, his work can be found throughout Arizona, the United States, Europe and on his online shop Wholesale enquiries are welcome. Continue reading

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Sun and Moon find Balance – Married Metals Earrings

Sun and Moon find Balance – Married Metals Earrings

Entirely hand-fabricated (made by hand), hammered, copper and silver married metals earrings with turquoise.

Hatha is sanskrit for Sun and Moon. In these earrings, Sun is represented by copper and Moon by silver. Two turquoise pieces represent balanced energy. Turquoise may also represent the sky and in the Hindu chakra system, it is the color of the Vishudda or throat chakra. Throat chakra represents Divine Will and communication.

These photos were took before the earring wires were put on. Wires are silver. The earrings are approximately 2″ long. Signed on the back. Entirely hand-made. No two earrings are alike.

Sun and Moon find Balance – Married Metals Earrings
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Ultra Mod Crater Cuff with Turquoise

This hand-carved hollow form bracelet is a take off on the Ultra Mod Crater Cuff and my turquoise shadowbox pieces. A very modern piece. Designed to sit low on the wrist.

This piece is about 1/2 of an inch thick and 1/4 of an inch deep.
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Amethyst Crescent Moon

Amethyst Crescent Moon The color of the amethyst in this pendant is such a rich purple it practically glows. Amethyst is traditionally worn to guard the wearer from drunkenness and poison. (Many people in recovery love this stone). Amethyst is … Continue reading

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Triple Goddess Lapis Shield Pendant

Triple Goddess Lapis Shield Pendant

Lapis is truly a stone for goddesses. It’s deep blue color has made it a favorite gem going back to Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Up until the mid 1800s, ground lapis was used as a very expensive and brilliant pigment for oil and egg tempura paintings. Ancient Egyptians believed blue was the color of life because of the life-giving properties of water and the Nile, and they used lapis in glazes for statues, as paint for Kings’ statues and sarcophagi, and for jewelry. The color blue in paintings of the Madonna during the Renaissance represented purity. It also is associated with the creative power of God. In the Hindu philosophy, blue is associated with the Vishuddha (5th) chakra and Ajna (6th) chakra, which both deal with the spiritual planes of existence.

When you wear lapis, you are carrying high energy with a long history.

This pendant is made of hand-hammered silver and lapis. The edges curve forward to reflect the lapis in the middle. It is one of its kind.


Triple Goddess Lapis Shield Pendant
$78.00 with chain Continue reading

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Chrysocolla Hand-carved Silver Ring

Chrysocolla Hand-carved Silver Ring

This ring features bright green chrysocolla. Chrysocolla is often used to enhance peace and tranquility, and the blue green stone is also good for communication and the throat or fifth chakra.

The ring is hand-carved all the way around, and the inside is beveled for a comfortable fit. One-of-a-kind in both the carving and the stone. Continue reading

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